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All donations go directly to making a difference in the lives of our children.

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We have 9 programs dedicated to providing greater well-being to children in Mexico, focusing on the most vulnerable groups. Individuals and companies that join our causes through financial and in-kind contributions become our Angels of Hope. The resources are distributed equitably depending on the demand in each of the communities and sectors that we serve.
  • Warriors vs Cancer
  • Monthly Pantry Deliveries
  • Smiles Health Bridge
  • Monthly Financial Support Deliveries for Basic Living Expenses
  • Love, Inclusion, and Development for Children with Disabilities
  • A Toy and a Smile
  • Donations of School Supplies
  • In-Kind Collections for Children: Food, Clothing, Toys, and Other Items in Good Condition
  • Sponsoring Child

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Program 1: Warriors vs Cancer

This life saving program is one of our most important. It is focused on helping associations that shelter children with disease and support them with chemotherapy treatments and medications.

Likewise, we receive direct requests from parents with limited resources and without social security.  We help with treatment expenses and provide comprehensive support to children and adolescents during their cancer treatments.

Hand in hand with the ASOCIACION DE PADRES CON NIÑOS ENFERMOS AC (Association of parents with sick children), led by Omar Enrique Hernández, we live closely with their problems and address their primary needs.

We are aware that the fight against cancer is also hard lived by parents who not only love and educate their children but can also change the lives of their little ones by holding their hand in the hospital.

Our mission is to have more star children on earth than little stars in the sky!



It appears mostly as:

  • Leukemia
  • Lymphoma
  • Tumors of the central nervous system

Source: National Center for Health and Adolescence (Census).

Program 2: Monthly Pantry Delivery

Included in the baskets are:
  1. Beans

  2. Rice

  3. Sugar

  4. Corn flour

  5. Vegetable oil

  6. Tuna fish

  7. Sardines

  8. Milk

  9. Table salt

  10. Oats

  11. Pasta for soup

  12. Wheat flour

  13. Chocolate powder

  14. Biscuits / marías, animal and salty

  15. Lentils

  16. Bath soap

  17. Toilet paper

  18. Powdered detergent

  19. Toothpaste

  20. Beef

  21. Pork

  22. Chicken

  23. Toast

  24. Bread

  25. Fresh eggs

  26. Purified water

  27. Packaged tomato puree

  28. Gelatin

  29. Fruits and vegetables

 We provide monthly support to families with young children in need. This program seeks to combat hunger, malnutrition, and the injustice of not having the most basic of needs, food.

Today, many families do not have this support due to the loss of income. Hundreds of Thousands of people in Mexico live in hunger every day, which threatens their health, weakens their immune system, and increases the risk of contagion from disease, limiting their development.

This situation is even more serious for the most vulnerable children, who need our support to have essential food.

In Mexico 20% of households suffer economically and from a severe lack of food.
The national population, particularly children, is affected by the triple burden of poor nutrition: overweight and obesity, malnutrition, and micronutrient deficiencies.

The current economic situation negatively affects the income of millions of families in our country with dire consequences for the health and nutrition of children, particularly due to the limited access to healthy food.

Each basket includes enough healthy food to feed a family of 4 as well as hygiene supplies and information on healthy eating and preventing the spread of diseases.

Our goal:

Is to guarantee a better quality of life for our children by offering them the opportunity to have a much healthier physical development through a healthy and balanced diet.

Program 3: Smiles Health Brigade

We provide medical, psychological, and dental care for children without access to public health:

  • Dental cleaning and routine check-ups
  • Treatment of cavities and infections
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychological therapy

Children in impoverished communities live without access to basic health needs like clean water and sanitation which leads to preventable diseases and even worse. Health problems often cause children to fall behind in their studies and a lack of education leads to drug use, early pregnancy, and gang membership.

Our goals:

Guarantee a better quality of life for our children and to offer them the opportunity to have a healthy physical development.


The brigades are scheduled 3 to 4 times per year with a group of volunteer doctors and dentists who provide 50% of the costs, fees, and dental materials for the treatments.

These care brigades include information on oral health care with specialized dental hygiene workshops for children on proper brushing and healthy eating habits, while supplying cleaning kits.

Program 4: Financial Support Deliveries for Basic Living Expenses

We provide monthly financial support for recurring fixed shelter expenses to families in need with young children. This is a program that seeks to combat the lack of basic services necessary for a decent life, such as:

  • Electric service
  • Water
  • Gas services
  • Emergency expenses

A household is in a situation of energy poverty when it cannot afford (or is forced to allocate an excessive part of its income to pay for these utilities) to pay for electricity, water, and gas to satisfy basic domestic needs

Our goals:

Guarantee a better quality of life for our children by offering them the opportunity to develop healthfully with the necessary tools in a dignified environment. An environment that meets their needs to guarantee them a better future and give them hope of being able to fulfill their dreams.

Program 5: Love, Inclusion, and Development for Children with Disabilities

We come together hand in hand with associations and doctors from the private sector to attend to the needs of children with disabilities. Together, we provide support to families with economic needs for their subsistence and we help carry out medical treatments and therapies for those with chronic physical conditions or who are physically, intellectually, or sensory handicapped.

In Mexico, children with disabilities are more exposed than others to abuse, exclusion and discrimination.

Fight against the exclusion of disabled children:

Disabled children remain particularly vulnerable. Traditions, beliefs, or financial difficulties cause some parents to neglect and even abandon the child. Access to education for disabled children remains difficult and inadequate. The normalization of inclusive education can represent a means to remedy this situation. It is about giving children with disabilities the same educational opportunities within the school system. With the inclusive approach, students, schools, and their staff are encouraged to host a child with a disability.

What We Do:

  • We support families with food supplies and financial help to cover their basic needs and therapies
  • We work on the implementation of inclusive education in general education establishments through information brigades to normalize equality
  • We promote early detection of diseases that can lead to physical disabilities
  • We supply sponsorship through foundations dedicated to inclusion and rehabilitation activities

Program 6: A Toy and a Smile

This program consists of bringing a little joy to children on special dates such as Three Kings Day and Children’s Day. In this event we deliver new and used toys in good condition that are collected throughout the year through donations.

No pre-application is made in this program so any child who needs it can be a beneficiary.

The communities where these deliveries are made are selected according to the degree of need and their economic needs.

Program 7: Donations of School Supplies

This program consists of awarding a packet of school supplies at the beginning of each school year (August). No prior application is required and can be awarded to any child in need.

These are delivered to selected communities based on the degree of their economic needs.

Program 8: In-Kind Collections for Children: Food, Clothing, Toys, and Other Items in Good Condition

These items, which are donated throughout the year at food, clothing, and toy drives, are then delivered to vulnerable communities. We have 3 collection centers to receive donations in kind – Central offices are:

  • GIVE HELP TO CHILDREN AC: Av. Cuauhtémoc 1312-B Santa cruz Atoyac Benito Juárez CDMX.
  • Boulevard Manuel Ávila Camacho # 1125, State of Mexico. (Patt Beauty Advisor).
  • Avenida Miraflores 7043, Jardines del Rubí, San Antonio de los Buenos. 22637 Tijuana, B.C. (Collective Victoria Showroom).

We accept:

  • Non-perishable canned food
  • Milk
  • Bottled water
  • Diapers of all sizes
  • Wet wipes
  • Personal cleaning supplies: Shampo, body soap, etc.
  • Household cleaning supplies: bleach, detergent, floor cleaner, etc.
  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Toys
  • School supplies
  • Books

Program 9: Sponsoring a Child

Sponsor a child who is struggling with cancer, with a disability, or in a precarious situation so that they can have a better quality of life and can reach their maximum potential through a fixed monthly contribution.

In this program, there is the opportunity to report the progress of the beneficiary child to the sponsor every six months. Follow-up is timely and children have the opportunity to express their appreciation via email, letters, photographs, or video — strengthening the human bond between the sponsor and the cause.

Our goal is to guarantee a better quality of life for our children by offering them the opportunity to have a healthy physical and mental development and a better future, with the hope of being able to fulfill all their dreams.

Angel of Hope – Sponsors’ Benefits and Rights:

  • With your donation we can promote your company name and logo on our website, social networks and in certain events (related to your donation).
  • You can list your name or company as a philanthropist in our annual report.
  • Open information on where your donation dollars are spent is always available via our website.

Donor Rights:

  • Access to information about our mission and ability to use donations effectively for the

intended purposes.

  • Access to the identity of the members of the Institution’s Board of Trustees.
  • Access to the most recent financial reports.
  • Security that donations are being used for the purposes intended.
  • Access to information that shows your donations are handled respectfully, confidentially and in accordance with the provisions of the law.
  • Freedom for donors to ask questions and receive prompt, truthful, and direct answers.


Our Address: Av. Cuauhtémoc 1312-B, Santa Cruz Atoyac, Mexico City.

E-Mail: contacto@darayudaac.org

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